Feeling Like Fall

Feeling Like Fall

While the summer heat is still lingering in most places, there are glimpses of fall starting to show here and there! Probably most notably in the stores where Back To School slams you in the face every time you walk through the doors!

Here in New Jersey we are still a month away from school starting, but in our online businesses we are in the full swing of creating for the fall and winter holiday season. If this is your first year running a small business you are in for a real treat in the months ahead if you are prepared! But wait...what do I mean by prepared? Let's talk about that for just a minute!

When you run a small business, a creative business, or a gift business...you need to be thinking a season ahead! If you haven't already created your back to school items...it's too late. Or at least you will have missed a bulk of the sales already. That doesn't mean don't do anything in that area, but just know that you have missed a good portion of the business so don't spend too much time on it. People are now shopping for Halloween, Thanksgiving and believe it or not even Christmas! That also means you need to get those 2024 Digital Planners ready to go too! By the time October is here you should be in the full throws of creating for Christmas and New Years and when Christmas get here you should be listing your Valentine's Day products! I KNOW! It is nuts but that is just how it goes.

When you are posting products online for sale it takes about 30 days for them to really get into the "system" to be found on Etsy, Google and the likes. Now don't panic, you are going to be ok, but now you know...you will be ready for the next wave!

I really don't think there is ever a bad time for digital products. There are ebbs and flows as we saw in July on Etsy. It was a blood-bath on there. But that is why I also teach you to have multiple streams of income! When one is slow, the others can pick up the slack.

Coming Soon:

Just a little look ahead in the shop for you. We have a brand new landscape planner coming out this week. (It was supposed to be out last week, but we had a little snag) This is a 600+ page fully hyperlinked mother-of-all-planners! I think you are going to LOVE it!

Also coming soon will be more interior page sets for KDP, an Ebook template and more business in a box themes!

I will also be releasing a FREE mini-course as well as a couple of paid courses for those of you who really want to dive in to learning everything you can about running your online businesses!

I am excited for what's ahead for sure!

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That's all for today!

Have an amazing August and we will talk soon!

Wendy Jo

The MW Company

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